Our Ducks

It's a duck’s life

We know our ducks are at the heart of everything we do, so we give them the best standard of care and attention. Their welfare influences every decision that we make, from the style of drinkers we use to the living space we provide.

Our table birds are born to free range laying flocks and reared in a happy environment. The unique Terras Duck breed is completely free range, although our farm buildings have been converted to enable the birds to be enclosed at night and while young, to protect them from predators.

We raise our ducks for longer than most commercial producers to allow them to grow slowly without the need for chemical interference. In fact, all our ducks are fed on non-GM and non-medicated pellets.

Any slaughtering takes place on the farm because this causes the least stress to our birds, while also ensuring uncompromised quality and zero food miles. The only travel that takes place is the delivery of the meat to your door.

Our laying stock are selected to produce uniquely flavoured, well covered birds. Eggs are collected from the free range layers each morning and are set in an incubator once a week. Incubation takes 28 days, and during this time the eggs are carefully monitored to maximise 'hatchability'.

Once hatched the ducklings are transferred to their ‘nursery’: a brooder room where they are kept under heat for about two weeks, depending on the time of year. After this stage they are reared in large, deep straw bedded outdoor units. As they grow older, our ducks spend very little time inside: most days are spent roaming around our paddocks.

We are passionate about producing the very best flavour and service for our chefs and customers, in the most natural environment for our beloved ducks. Many chefs we work with visit the farm to see for themselves our commitment to quality.