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The Duck Dabbler

Tanya Olver, a director of Cornish Duck, has been successfully hatching and rearing ducks on a weekly basis since 2006 from her ‘Terras’ duck breeding flocks. 

During this time she has built up a wealth of knowledge that is often called upon by other poultry enthusiasts and is now recognised as a reliable and trusted source of information .

Eggs ready for setting

Starting Saturday 23rd March 2019 Tanya will be offering to share that knowledge with other poultry keepers by running a course detailing the journey of the egg from being laid through to care of the day old. 

**Although the course is designed around ducks it will be equally beneficial to chicken keepers as many of the principals are the same.

Eggs in incubator

This will be a hands on course involving egg collecting, candling and handling ducklings.


No previous experience is necessary and a print out of all the aspects covered will be available to take home at the end. 


Course program:

Flock health.

Collection and treatment of eggs.

Egg storage.

Incubator set up.

Egg setting and monitoring.

Candling and interpreting results.

Incubator troubleshooting.


Care of day olds.

Sourcing equipment.

Q and A.

Advice on set up.

Day old duckling


Venue: Terras Farm, Grampound Road, Truro. TR2 4EX

Arrive: 9.30am

Duration: 3 1/2 hours approximately 

Course fee: £75.00

Provided: overshoes, coverall, course material


Course dates Spring 2019

23rd March

13th April 

11th May


To enquire please ring Tanya on 07971612013 or email

Or please follow this link to book - Book here

  Once booked you will receive an email with directions and other necessary information.