James Martin's Home Comforts 22nd January

We hope you enjoyed watching us on James Martin's Home Comforts.Please click here, if you missed us, or would like to watch us again.

Here at Terras Farm we love to work with nature; and as such, during the winter months our breeding ducks take a holiday.


Consequently we will have duck available from mid February, which is just around the corner!

Please browse our products now, and in order for us to contact you as soon as the full range is once again available, send us an email indicating those products you are interested in.                                                    


Buying Cornish Duck is easy

Because our meat is always sent fresh, we deliver on the same day every week. If you order before midday on a Tuesday, you'll receive your duck on Thursday.

Step 1 - Order
Place your order before 12pm (midday) on Tuesday
Step 2 - Dispatch
We’ll package and post on Wednesday
Step 3 - Delivery
You’ll receive your delivery on Thursday