Christmas Ordering at Cornish Duck

We are a free range duck farm that hatch, rear and dispatch our ducks on the farm.  Being that our parent stock are free range nature dictates that after the longest day in June they steadily reduce the number of eggs they lay as the evenings draw in. 

This is a natural phase and results in us not having many fresh table ducks for Christmas and with only a small percentage of them being over 2.6kg we cannot take any orders for fresh large ducks as we do not want to let anyone down.

If you would like a large duck for Christmas we recommend buying one in the weeks beforehand and freeze.  We know many people are not keen on frozen poultry but this way you can be sure it has only been frozen for a short time and it will still make a delicious meal.

The last day for Online Christmas orders is mid-day Tuesday 13th December

For our local customers you can find us at Truro Farmers Market each Saturday or alternatively you are welcome to pick up from the farm.


We are proud to announce our core product, Whole Cornish Duck, is in the top 50 foods in the UK 2016 as judged by the Great Taste Awards.


         Free Range Whole Duck                              Gluten Free Duck Burger

This on top of being awarded Champion Burgers, Faggots & Meatballs for our Gluten Free Duck Burger by Taste of the West  has cemented our belief that a non intensive free range rearing approach coupled with our own mix of breeds result in fantastic tender tasty duck!


The home of Cornish Duck is nestled in a valley just outside of St.Stephen on the A3058.      

We are passionate about our ducks and believe it is reflected in the quality of our products.

Please browse our products and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.                        

 If you prefer not to order online you can telephone us with your requirements.                            

For local customers we can be found at Truro Farmers Market each Saturday or alternatively you are welcome to pick up from the farm.

Buying Cornish Duck is easy

Because our meat is always sent fresh, we deliver on the same day every week. If you order before midday on a Tuesday, you'll receive your duck on Thursday.

Step 1 - Order
Place your order before 12pm (midday) on Tuesday
Step 2 - Dispatch
We’ll package and post on Wednesday
Step 3 - Delivery
You’ll receive your delivery on Thursday